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Native Source Safe Open Tool For JBuilder v2.0


The "Native Source Safe Open Tool For JBuilder" provides JBuilder developers access into Microsoft's Visual Source Safe v6.0 (MS VSS). Many Source Safe plug-in implementations (including Borland's) use the command line interface to access MS VSS. The command-line interface is difficult to code for because the output must be extracted using complicated string parsing. This tends to be very inefficient. In addition, if the Source Safe command-line interface returns messages in a language other than what the tool developer coded for, the plug-in will simply not work.

The "Native Source Safe Open Tool For JBuilder" overcomes the problems of the command line interface by natively accessing the Source Safe API DLL. This makes the plug-in very fast. Users of international versions of MS VSS will still be able use the plug-in (although the dialogs will still be in English). The product uses a JNI to COM bridge called jacoZoom. It provides tools for generating Java wrapper classes around Windows COM objects.


The following is a list of features that the "Native Source Safe Open Tool For JBuilder" includes:


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